Anthony Edward Lancaster
—  Exeter resident  —
Anthony Edward Lancaster
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Honor your family, for its the only thing that lasts.
Full title 2nd Lieutenant Anthony Edward Lancaster, English Royal Navy, Master Bowman of the Order of Sherwood Forest
Place of Residence (unknown), Exeter, Cornwall
Affiliations none
In-game name Anthony07
Account created September 24, 2008
Forum name Anthony07

2Lt. Anthony Lancaster, commonly known as Anthony07, is a member of the House of Lancaster.

Full TitleEdit

Second Lieutenant Anthony Edward Lancaster, English Royal Navy, Master Bowman, The Order of Sherwood Forest, Member of the House of Lancaster

Coat of ArmsEdit

Anthony has not obtained a personal coat of arms, however currently he uses the family coat of the Lancaster House.

Early YearsEdit

Anthony grew up in England with his older sister, Lady Lynet Lancaster. When he was 15, Anthony left England to travel around Europe with his father. He as recently returned to England, and settled in Exeter, Cornwall.

Political CareerEdit


Anthony joined the Royal English Navy on October 7th, 1556, and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant immediately. He is currently serving as a Surgeon aboard the HMS Obsidian Flame.

Military CareerEdit

Anthony is a member of The Order of Sherwood Forest, an group of skilled archers who are rumored to have their headquarters somewhere in the Sherwood Forest. Anythony was made a Master Bowman on October 14th, 1556, and is also a member of the Orders Council.

Family and Marital StatusEdit

Anthony is a member of the House of Lancaster. He is close to his older sister, Lynet Lancaster.

Anthony is currently unmarried, however it is rumoured that he has his eye on a Hamilton lass named Nayra.


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