The Army Way is a way, available to level 3 players. Other People may join the army that the level 3 player created.


Basic Skills :

  • Basic knowledge of the military
  • Basics of History

Advanced skills:

  • Basic tactic
  • Basic strategy
  • Advanced strategy

Study of the necessary conditions:

Basic knowledge of the military

  • No necessary condition.

Basics of History

  • No necessary condition.

Basic strategy

  • to exceed 5% : 100% in "Basic knowledge of the military"

Basic tactic

  • to exceed 20% : 100% in "Basic knowledge of the military"

Advanced strategy

  • to exceed 10% : 100% in "Basic strategy"
  • to exceed 50% : 100% in "Basic strategy" and "Basic Tactic"
  • to exceed 70% : 100% in "Basics of History"


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