Blacksmith is a profession Level 2 and above. Blacksmiths take iron ore and wood and convert them to usable items such as knives, swords, axes, buckets,and steel. Blacksmiths can also sharpen axes that are dulled in forest towns.

All Items a Blacksmith can makeEdit

Blacksmith's GuideEdit


  • Steel: I+2W+D
  • 3 Knifes: I+W+D (then divide by 3 for cost of each item)
  • 3 Buckets: I+W+3B+D (then divide by 3 for cost of each item)
  • Axe: I+4W+S+6D
  • Sword: 2I+6W+7D
  • Shovel: 2I+6W+S+4D

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