Ceatharlach (Carlow)
—  town  —
Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Country Ireland
County Laighean
Resource Lake
Province Province of Dublin
Diocese Diocese of Leighlin
Established 29 January 1457
 - Mayor Puppyluv
 - Mentor Grian
Population (February 11, 1460)
 - town 101

A map of Ceatharlach and surrounding towns


Ceatharlach (Carlow; in English, Four Lakes) is a lake town in Laighean, Ireland.


The first elected Mayor was Valefor, followed by Sephrenia. Current mayor - Puppyluv

Head mentor - Grian


During the upheavals following the issues surrounding the neighboring An Mumhain, Laighean County Council, and the organization ONE, Ceatharlach was peacefully taken into the county An Mumhain.

This was a move that was very heavily disputed in Laighean council and in the town itself, dividing up the town into several factions, and leading to the resignation of Valefor after his set term.

In August 1457, Ceatharlach voted and has since returned to its home county of Laighean.

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