The Chauntecleer's Perche is Canterbury's town hall tavern. It is bartended by Chigusa.


The Perche serves the following:

  • Beer - £0.80
  • Sweet Cornbread Cake Corn-Corn - £6.00
  • Tenderloin Steak (meat) - £18.00


The Perche's name was taken from The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer, and chosen by Selene. The tavern was previously known as Capone's Pub and Diner. The name was changed in early 1456 as it was decided that it was unsuitable to have the town hall's tavern named after a convicted criminal (Anto Capone). A recent fundraising competition to change the name again - with suggestions including the previous name, Capone's - showed community support for the current name.

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