—  Town  —
Coat of arms
Motto: Invicta (Unconquered)
Country England
County Sussex
Resource Lake
Province Province of Canterbury
Diocese Diocese of Southwark
Established 1453
 - Mayor Plotnik von Liechenstein
 - Mentor Plotnik von Liechenstein
Population (11 February 1458)
 - Town 173

Dover is a fishing town in Sussex and has a Port for trade. It is one of the oldest towns in England and it is the closest English town to Continental Europe. It was the fourth town in all of England to build a Port and it is a very short distance from the French town of Calais.


  • The Stumble Inn - Managed by the Town Hall. The bartender role is Findecino
  • Pepperman's Place - The Owner is Pepperman. The Bartender is Symmulacra. This Tavern has Texas Hold'em Poker.
  • Blood Pack Stop n Go. Or dont - The Owner and Bartender is Farrah_lucceta.


The map can be found here.

Past Mayors Edit

  • 2005 (1453)

  • 2006 (1454)
    • January: Darmor
    • February: Darmor
    • March: MedievalMan
    • April: MedievalMan
    • May: MedievalMan
    • June: MedievalMan
    • July: MedievalMan
    • August: Louwrens
    • September: Palestine_steel/Lordhades (via Revolt)/BillyJoeBob (via Counter Revolt)
    • October: Syllvie
    • November: Syllvie
    • December: Syllvie

  • 2007 (1455)
    • January: Syllvie
    • Feburary: Syllvie
    • March: Bonus01
    • April: Bonus01
    • May: Tacye
    • June: Tacye
    • July: Mharg/Serdan
    • August: Zeathea
    • September: Zeathea
    • October: Ainvar
    • November: Ainvar
    • December: Ainvar

  • 2008 (1456)
    • January: Ainvar
    • Febuary: Pepperman
    • March: Gardexer
    • April: Gardexer
    • May: Bachi
    • June: Xanous
    • July: Linx
    • August: Linx
    • September: Linx
    • October: Dad (Died in Office)
    • November: Wolfaxe
    • December:

  • 2009 (1457)

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