—  Hodgson  —
Hodgson Crowned
Coat of arms
Family motto: Miseris succurrere disco
Matriarch Ledge
Important members Lord Hodgson of Ribble Stead
Nationality English
Land held Ribble Stead
see Estates & Land Section
Blood relations Sirfuller

The Hodgson family is a soon to be official family. Currently the family consists of three members; the Lord Hodgson of Ribble Stead, the Lady Hodgson and the Lord Sirfuller of Bedford Falls.

The family will have a link with the Degas Family through Lady Ledge.

The family motto translate from Latin to "I learn to succour the disstressed."

Estates & LandEdit

Family TreeEdit

Family MembersEdit

RK MembersEdit

NPC MembersEdit

  • Lowena
  • Padraig

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