Hot EireEdit

Hot Eire is an insanely popular series of scandalous newsletters printed in An Mumhain, Ireland, bringing much-needed comic relief to the war-torn masses.


Hot Eire's motto is: Some like it informative, others like it hot!

Individuals mentioned in Hot EireEdit

Porcina, Draco, Rosakennedy, Loraathis, Sathar, Fae, Marshy, Coddle, Daubigny, Robert Frankel, Mani, Caissadiplomat, Anghelos, Padraig, Springtime, Ziona, Aqueron, Zogdor, Wardenunited, Brighda, Dizmalus, Smudgesmith, Anto Capone, Arcanejill, Quincy, Raella, Roxxane, Utukku, Launcelot, Sephie, Volcash, Ridegeback, Fordo, Catrionadelacroix, Prut, Borisinborough,


Volume 1, Issue 1 - 3 August, 1457 (1 page)

Volume 1, Issue 2 - 23 August, 1457 (3 pages - 4th page of Anghelos missing)

Volume 1, Issue 3 - 13 September, 1457 (1 page)

Special Announcement - 18 September, 1457 (1 page)

In addition to the newsletters, current Hot Eire updates are available via small twittery birds.

Hot Eire V1 1

Hot Eire Issue 1 Page 1

Hot Eire V2 1

Hot Eire Issue 2 Page 1

Hot Eire V2 2

Hot Eire Issue 2 Page 2

Hot Eire V2 3

Hot Eire Issue 2 Page 3

Hot Eire V1 I3 1

Hot Eire Issue 3 Page 1

Hot Eire Special Announcement

Hot Eire Special Announcement

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