Jersey Rocket is an Irishman, through and through. Formerly of Winchester, Coventry, Bath, and Penrith, Sire Rocket took the long trek home in March of 1456, and disappeared into the wilds. He has been sighted frequently though, soliciting in, or about Cashel, in the county of Munster.

A number of things, he were mentor, tavern owner, resource collector, member of parliament, and even councilman in England. He served faithfully as Knight Castellan of the Knights of the Realms of England, protecting his king and countrymen, eventually stepping down to make time for family. Before his knighting, he was Squire to Gregarious until Prince Algernon dubbed him Sire.

He was at the Battle of Birmingham, in the same platoon as Desideratist, of the Stafford Section.

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