Kalmar Union
—  Kalmar Union-
--Kalmarin unioni-
--Kalmarunionen  —
Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Capital (unknown)
 - {{{leader_type}}} (unknown)
 - {{{heir_type}}}
 - {{{regent_type}}} (unknown)
Counties Suomen herttuakunta, Kungadömet Sverige and Kongeriget Danmark
Provinces No religious infrastructure
Established 6 March 1457
Official language English, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian

Kalmar Union is situated in the north and consist of three Counties, Suomen herttuakunta, Kungadömet Sverige and Kongeriget Danmark (Grand Duchy of Finland, Kingdom of Sweden and Kingdom of Denmark). Kalmar Union will later include the County Kongeriket Norge (Kingdom of Norway), this means that Kalmar Union will consist of all the Nordic countries.

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