A King of Arms is the highest rank in a national heraldic authority, above Herald of Arms and Pursuivant. Women can still be Kings of Arms, and are not called 'Queens of Arms'. The English College of Heraldry utilizes three Kings of Arms, the Garter Principal being the most senior. The Irish Hill of Tara utilizes three Kings of Arms, the Ulster being the most senior. The Scottish Lyon Court utilizes a single King of Arms, the Lord Lyon.

Current Kings of ArmsEdit

  • Garter Principal King of Arms: Caitilin (England)
  • Windsor King of Arms: (England)(No longer utilised)
  • Clarenceux King of Arms: Julian_waringham (England)
  • Norroy King of Arms: Hbear1 (England)
  • Lord Lyon, King of Arms: Korna (Scotland)
  • Ulster King of Arms: Robert_Frankel (Ireland)
  • Leinster King of Arms: Lordwilb (Ireland)
  • Connaught King of Arms: Scarletwitch36 (Ireland)

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