—  Kingdom of England  —
Coat of arms
Motto: Dieu et Mon Droit
Capital London
 - Monarch Allyn.brightpoint
 - Heir Destini
 - Regent N/A
Counties Devon, Sussex, Mercia, and Westmorland
Provinces Province of York
Discovered 11 June 2005
Official language English


Each English County is governed by a County Council. These Councils are elected by the people every sixty days. Council members from each County also act as members of the English Parliament. Up until December 28, 1458, the King of England had been the Administrator LJS acting in his role as LongJohnSilver. With the introduction of the Elected Sovereign role in RK, King LongJohnSilver abdicated his throne on December 28, 1458.

The first Sovereign election then took place in order to determine who would become King for approximately the next six months in England. The three candidates were Kenrich of Stafford, United_we_stand of Cumberland, Viceroy of Sussex. After receiving the highest number of votes, on December 29, 1458, Viceroy was elected to rule as the Sovereign of England. Upon his death on April 21, 1459, his wife and heir Cordelia McDermott-Mortimer became Regent.

In the Summer of 1459, a new election was held and Faheud of Sussex was elected King of England. Subsequent rulers included:

  • His Majesty, King Hezlog Neutrino (10 March, 1460 - 10 November, 1460)
  • Her Majesty, Queen Molly Rose Llewellynn (10 December, 1460 - 13 February, 1461)
  • His Majesty, King Slon Williams (21 March, 1461 - Unknown)
  • His Majesty, King, Sir Rothgar the Valiant (13 November, 1461 - 19 June 1462)
  • His Majesty, King Darienbalintyne (17 July, 1462 - 13 March, 1463)
  • His Majesty, King Cullan (10 April, 1463 - )
  • Her Majesty, Queen Aggnes ( - )
  • His Majesty, King, Sir Allyn Brightpoint( - )

Map england2

A map of settled England


Full achievement of the Arms of England

English Treaties

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