—  Principat de Valahia  —
Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Capital Târgovişte
 - Princess Tany
 - Heir apparent Gangst3r
 - Duke scabor
Counties 1
Provinces 1
Established 18 Jun 1455
Official language Romanian

The Kingdom of Valahia is a kingdom from Europe, in central part of that. Valahia has only a county, Principat de Valahia.

Town in ValahiaEdit

Principat de Valahia

1. Roşiorii de Vede (wood town)
2. Slatina (orchard town)
3. Piteşti (wood town)
4. Curtea de Argeş (fish town)
5. Câmpulung (orchard town)
6. Târgovişte (capital)(wood town)
7. Târgşor (wood town)
8. Snagov (fish town)

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