Level 1 is one of the levels in Renaissance Kingdoms.


Level 0 Reputation PointsEdit

Trust points are earned when someone goes to a profile and clicks the link to give trust.[...]

Standard Reputation Points are earned by working in the church or hiring someone to work in your field.[...]

Reputation Points, notice the bold/strong text.

The particularity of Level 0 Reputation Points is that you'll need to work in the church to get the points the reputation over the maximum that trust can't fill. To do so, on the Town interface bottom-right, go to Church then click on Work at the Church, you'll need to do this at least 2 times ; you could do this 5 times but it's much easier to go in taverns asking for Trust Points (TP), which could only take you a few minutes during the 2 days working at the church readying you for completion right away instead of requiring a minimum of 5 days.

You might have noticed that working for the church only pay £5 so it's a very good idea to get a field ASAP (although it's advisable to become Level 1 first) and hire instead of working on your field yourself ; anyway working for yourself doesn't really save you money as you could be working for someone else at the same time so it's better to gather Reputation Points while doing so unless... you Role-Play (RP) a Hermite.

To attainEdit

When you go to see the Count's First Secretary he will take 90 pounds from you, and you will be given a chance to choose a field type. The field is built in your home and you reach level 1, the next day (at reset).

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