Level Requirements

·         LvL-0 to LvL-1


§  Save 90 pounds

§  Must have 5 RP (2RP+3TP)

§  Meet the Counts First Secretary


·         LvL-1 to LvL-2


§  Save 500 pounds

§  Must have 20 points in all the characteristics (IP, SP, CP)

§  Must be dressed into shirt, trousers/skirt, shoes/boots

§  Must have 35 RP (18RP+17TP)

§  Meet the Counts First Secretary!


·         LvL-2 to LvL-3


§  Save 2500 pounds OR change your workshop and save 1600 pounds

§  Must have 100 RP (70RP+30TP)

§  Must have 60 points in two of the characteristics (IP, SP or CP) and 120 points in one of them (IP or CP)

§  Must be dressed into hat, shirt, trousers/skirt, belt, hose, shoes/boots

§  Meet the Counts First Secretary!

Note: this was in the old days when there was only 3 levels and was not so confusing…..I have no idea what the system is like now but I think these still apply if you known the corresponding new level.

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