—  Town  —
Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Country Kingdom of England
County Mercia
Resource Forest
Province Province of Canterbury
Diocese Diocese of Chester
Established circa May 1455 (2007)
 - Mayor Tahsa
 - Mentor Rain_
Population (20th March 1465)
 - Town 86

Lichfield is a town in Mercia, Kingdom of England. It originally belonged to Stafford, before a merge with Worcester.

Location Edit

Lichfield is in the north-eastern area of Mercia, with roads leading northeast to Derby, Southeast to Coventry, southwest to Birmingham and northwest to Stafford City.

Resources Edit

Lichfield is a forest town. It has access to four mines: 2 iron mines, 1 stone mine, and 1 gold mine.

Mayors: Past and Present Edit

Arcane Jill
Alamothih - 6 Terms
LdyBrianna - 1 term
Gabrielle_ - 1 term
Zelana - 1 1/2 Terms
Benjamin - By Sanctioned Revolt, 1/2 term
Kanotaur - 2 Weeks
Duve - 3 Days
Alamothih - 1 term
Rhenova - 1 Term
Lady_Karla 2 terms
Rain_ - 12 terms
Jay Stewart - 6 terms
Katen- 1 term
Wildbill32 - 1 Term
Tahsa - 16 Terms
Nicolai.roman - 2 terms
Alastair - 2 terms
Longclaw - 1 term (died in office)
Phobia - 1 Term

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