LongJohnSilver was the in-game absolute ruler of England, Scotland, and the Holy Roman Empire. After Elected Sovereigns were introduced to RK, he stepped down as the ruler of those three Countries. On December 29, 1458, Viceroy was elected as the Sovereign of England. On January 5, 1459, Cheatley was elected as the Sovereign of Scotland.

Real life description Edit

LJS is one of the co-founders of Celsius Online and one of the developers of Renaissance Kingdoms. He is both a game administrator and the administrator of the Kingdom of England forum. LJS also has an in-game character named LongJohnSilver. It is important to note that they are considered as separate entities, so it is important to know whether it is LJS or LongJohnSilver speaking.

Source Edit

Celsius Online website -

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