Lynna Hohenzollern von Liechtenstein
—  Coventry resident  —
Lynna Hohenzollern von Liechtenstein
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
Full title Viscountess of Coventry
Place of Residence (unknown), Coventry, Stafford
Affiliations College of Heraldry, Blood Oath Brotherhood, Stafford Guard, House of Lords
In-game name Lynna
Account created 26 June, 2007
Forum name Lynna

Lady Lynna Hohenzollern von Liechtenstein currently resides in Coventry, Stafford. She is the head of her family, the esteemed House of von Liechenstein, and married to Arthur_Loxley Tudor, also of Coventry.

  • Awesome wife of Arthur_Loxley Tudor in a magnificent ceremony in January 1457.
  • Mother to William and Travis Theodore Tudor (Thistletumbler).
  • Owner and co-Captain of Escándalo.


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English Towns VisitedEdit

International Towns VisitedEdit

Titles and Affiliations Edit

Skills Edit

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