Born in Plymouth, Cornwall, Oariana De Hammer set out immediately she came of age to join her brother and his wife, Onions and Umberlee De Hammer, in Winchester, Wiltshire. Her first month there she met and married Hari_seldon. During that time she became the new Deaconess of Winchester. Currently (Feb, 1457) she is the mother of adopted son Jason263 and mother to Baby, Eniwetok Jewbeard Seldon. Member of the Godolphin Family of RK. 

Th OSeldoncopy-1

Career Edit

  • Kingdom Librarian
  • Countess of Wiltshire, XIX, XX, XXII.
  • Wiltshire Council x 6.
  • Deaconess of Winchester.
  • Mining Competitions Originator.
  • Post Mistress Of Winchester Post Office.
  • Winchester Newbie's Mentoring Team.Ambassador for Wiltshire.
  • Former Mentor of Oxford.
  • Sentinels Political Party Leader.
  • Oh yes....Naughty Nun and Mata-Oari of the Order of the Secret Hand.

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