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Country Kingdom of England
County Devon
Purpose Village in Devon (Node)

Oxford was the capital of the county of Wiltshire.

An outsider once said: "Socially, Oxford has been described as "pretty inactive and aloof", with the residents "rarely visiting the taverns". This isn't surprising, given the small population." He was wrong.

Oxford is a fair town, nestled among the trees, in the very heart of England. A town untroubled by wasps, for the want of an orchard; free of flies, for a lack of fish; yet well catered for with boats – though it only has the dreamy River Isis to punt on. The residents are expert foresters, fine stone cutters and brew some excellent ales and beers.

Location Edit

Oxford is the northern-most town of Wiltshire. Roads lead north to Evesham, south-west to Marlborough and south-east to Reading.

Taverns Edit

Charcaters Edit

These are the characters to look out for:

Aelfgar Baron of Uffington, Knight Philospoher of the Bloodoath Brotherhood. A master trader; founder of England's Hanseatic League; shipwright to the Royal English Navy; Witchfinder General of England. Yet strangely rumoured to be a wizard who has squirrel and raven messengers at his beck and call. Aelfgar's Emporium is worth visiting if you need any goods - he mostly seems to some how have everything. Recently often away on Brotherhood business in the North.

Blackbio A mysterious citizen famed for his drinking and if you are lucky terse conversation

Bobofet A migrant from Southampton but now a welcome resident of Oxford. Gained infamy for conducting a one man revolt that succeeded. However, subsequently proved himself as a man capable of getting a job done. Not famed for his diplomacy but respected for his dedication.

Doctor_Koopon Former mayor and baker.

Kiane Oxford's priest and acolyte of the order of Dwyai the Ecstatic

Landydriver Oxford's town mentor. Oxford's leading vegetable grower.

Oswyn Oxford's Tailor

Pippsqueak Oxford's stunning witch and Mayor. Betrothed to Aelfgar

Razvan_Max Former mayor and miller.

Romfordichi Oxford's ex Marshall, town commander and local hearthrob

Skee A blacksmith famed for his ability to sleep

Solochord Oxford's Bard

Trevise Blacksmith

History Edit

In October 1456 Oxford hosted the Capital Harvest Festival, which attracted visitors from across the kingdom, including the entire Zoo.


  • Jan 31 (Approx.), 1454 - Puffring (First mayor)
  • Feb 14, 1455 - Asteria
  •  ?? - Ragnardour
  •  ?? - Doctor_Koopon
  • Oct 1456 - Kennagillian
  • Dec 1456 - Razvan_max
  • Jan 1457 - Bobofet - taking the office by means of a one-man revolt intended as an experiment.
  • Jan 1457 - Extli - taking back the office on the orders of Wiltshire Council
  • ?? - Romfordrichi
  • ?? - Asteria

Religion Edit

The town priest is Kiane

The patron saint of Oxford is Fitzchivalry - whose mummified remains can be seen at the church. Fitzchivalry was the second of three priests to die in mysterious circumstances.

The town's alternative religious affairs are apparently run by the local witch, who may be found in the tavern. Beware low-flying barstools.

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