Lady Sheridan Mackenzie Forbes Campbell
—  Whithorn resident  —
Lady Sheridan Mackenzie Forbes Campbell
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
Full title Lady Sheridan Mackenzie Forbes Campbell, Queen of the Kingdom of Scotland
Place of Residence (unknown), Whithorn, Galloway
Affiliations Chieftess of Clan Forbes
National Assembly of Scotland
Galloway County Trade Minister
In-game name Sheridan_campbell
Account created July 31, 2007
Forum name Sheridan_campbell

 HM Sheridan Mackenzie Forbes Campbell (née Blake) is a sculptor and grower of corn and wheat in Whithorn, Galloway, Kingdom of Scotland. She was wife to Aqueron Campbell and mother to James and Lauren Campbell. 

She was Queen of the Scots, following the reign of King Hebrin, and the first Scottish monarch to leave behind a monument after their reign. The monument(crypt) is located in Wigtown, Galloway.

Banner of HM Queen Sheridan

She was a four term Former Mayor of Drummore and first female mayor in Scotland.

She was the Chieftess of Clan Forbes, served as the Galloway Trade Minister and was active in the National Assembly.

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